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Who we are

BRAVO GLOBAL is an identity management organisation wing of the CENTENA group headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We are an OEM manufacturer based out of Dubai technologically backed by trusted and high quality Japanese engineering.

Here, at BRAVO GLOBAL, a versatile and astute team of professionals with over three decades of hardcore industry experience in the field of identification and verification cater to customer solutions that are designed and developed with the moto of “Innovate Today with the Vision of Tomorrow”.

The world of identity is upgrading and faster in the last decade. Authenticating an identity at a high level of certainty can be very challenging, but is an absolute requirement in many high-risk transactions, such as online banking etc. The hard part is establishing that level of surety during initial account creation, a process that has to be better addressed by the enterprise in the future. Our retransfer printers and laminators offer a complete gambit of all secure solutions for the Verification and Identification industries globally.

We at BRAVO GLOBAL believe that it is good to do the right thing when everyone is looking; but more imminent to do the right thing when no one is looking.


Employees working in customer-facing positions are the front line for the company. They represent the organization and its values and mission.

Our employees work with passion and trust and moreover our glass door policies ensure that, as important as it is to ensure transparency with our valuable customers, it is also crucial to embark on a winning scenario within our own team. Our team comprises of members driven by passion but not those who work by the clock. We engage frequently with our team to get them empowered to learn new things by trial and thus push them outside their comfort zone.

The Bravo Edge...


In this already crowded Identity business, we believe that only by working symbiotically, can success be achieved. It is of paramount importance to us that we ensure our partners receive consistent business orders while they sell the products to customers in export markets, we are committed to helping in a phased manner.

The organization collectively believes in building respectful and trusted relationships with partners and here TRUST is the prime stratum to develop on. We have practiced this flawlessly to ensure that we are having committed partners in many regions.


Appointing and engaging with a partner to sell products for commercial leverage is probably our last objective, we expect to place ourselves as an effective marketing and sales wing of the partner to ensure that there is a market demand created and effective roll-out of the solution with all corrective measures. For this we have even developed partner portals to share and nurture leads for business purposes.

To add to the above, we also have established a full-fledged and experienced support team with factory trained engineers to ensure maximum support can be extended to the customers. There is a well-defined process set up for warranty claims as well as ticketing system to ensure timely and organised support can be delivered and audited.

We also have a huge logistics facility to ensure the capability to provide equipment as well as supplies and accessories on demand.


Our Code of Conduct, “The Greater Good”, is foundational to how we do business at BRAVO GLOBAL. We strive to create a culture that is respectful, collaborative and inclusive. We are committed to earning the trust of our colleagues, clients, shareholders and the communities we call home.

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